History of BLAZE TRUST

On 25th of the September 2003 BLAZE TRUST was formed and adopted “KARUNAI ILLAM” an orphanage home. The trust appointed a teacher to conduct classes for their education betterment. However the trust envisaged working with similar vulnerable communities such as children, physical and mentally challenged people, women and the needy communities.

In the year 2007, in the month of June, BLAZE TRUST started its foray in the field of micro credit, by, accident. While working among the rural poor, in areas like Thelungupalayam, LIC colony etc. for, creating awareness regarding education, the volunteers found an unusual number of children roaming in that area, without going to school. On enquiring they, found out the reason for that, was, due to lack of funds and that, the parents were not in a position to send them to school regularly.

The trustees felt the urgent need to do something to enable the students continue their education without break. They then organized a meeting with their parents who requested the trustees to help the parents by providing small education loan at low rate of interest so as to help send their children back to school. Then the trustees took loans from friends and relatives, with, the sole purpose of providing loans to the parents of 90 school dropout children, for their readopt ion into school. Thereby, starting, the Trust’s journey into the field of Micro-credit.

The trust continued its activities in the field of women empowerment and education, by regularly conducting training and awareness programmes. It also continued its micro credit activities, whenever possible, by providing small loans to economically weaker section particularly women for their children’s education, medical and income generation purposes.

In the year 2009, in recognition of the trust’s activities in the field of women empowerment by bringing about a positive change economically and socially in the life of poor women, the first micro credit loan was sanctioned by a nationalized bank- Corporation Bank, which was the first of its kind in the state of Tamil Nadu. The trust feels that, it is an achievement for its selfless service, operation methodology and the stringent systems it follows.

In Further acknowledgement, the largest bank in India, the State Bank of India, followed it up with another micro credit loan- the first in the district of coimbatore to pursue its goal. We are constantly working to make the system more transparent to show how money flows throughout the entire cycle, and what effect it has, on the people, borrowing, and managing it along the way. To do this, we are using the power of the MIS and mobile facility to maintain one-to-one connections.

Our beneficiaries are real working people who need a loan for their economic and humanitarian needs, and, are waiting for socially-minded people like you to lend them money, and, bring about a positive change in their lives.

Our BC Operations with SBI

State Bank of India (SBI) known as the banker to every Indian is now aiming to reach everyone through total financial inclusion program under the supervision of RBI. Through this program SBI appoints national business correspondents on its behalf to take its services to the rural places through customer service points and mobile banking. All the transactions done at a bank can be done at these places through internet connectivity.

Role Of Blaze Trust As Circle BC

Blaze Trust has been selected as the first circle BC in coimbatore district to extend SBI’s Banking service to the Rural villages in the States of Tamilnadu and Pondichery. Ever since we have been appointed, we have been doing SBI’s Banking operations like Opening of No frill SB accounts, Introducing of loan products to the people, opening of OAP and MNREGS accounts, Collecting Deposits, Dealing with day to day cash transaction etc.